Introducing Project UNITE

The UNITE beta signup is live.  You can now reserve your username and fill out your profile in preparation for the first release.

One goal of UNITE, which is still a working title, is to help gamers discover friends and other like-minded gamers across all gaming platforms.  Gaming networks can be difficult to navigate and finding friends on a platform you just switched to isn’t always easy.  Steam and Xbox Live have been around for over 10 years and we’re still discovering friends via long lists of usernames on forums.

One of the project’s early milestones it to help you discover friends on Nintendo Network so you aren’t crossing the Mario Kart 8 finish line with strangers.

There are several reasons why Warp Pipe is working on UNITE and I look forward to sharing them as the service grows and evolves.

Warp Pipe is Back

After many years of trying to get the band back together, I have decided to reignite Warp Pipe.  I am currently working on project UNITE, which will be ready for preview in the coming days.

When I started the Warp Pipe project over 10 years ago, I was driven by my passion to bring gamers together. It was a serendipitous journey from the start and it is far from the end.

I have been tossing around a wide spectrum of ideas to Tushar over the years and, although he is not directly involved with this project, he is still very much a part of the company.

Right now this project is a solo experiment.  Hopefully one of many over the course of the next few years.  It has been awhile and I look forward to connecting and growing the community BEYOND the Mario Kart: Double Dash tunnel vision.